CTU Code Compliant Freight Forwarder

CTU Accreditation and Competency

Staff committed to the safe loading of seafreight containers


Spatial Global ensure all relevant personnel and our clients are CTU code compliant

In line with our company vision as a place where customers feel safe, Rachel Morley has undertaken the accreditation and competency training for understanding the CTU Code. This has being rolled out to all relevant staff and clients who undertake their own packing of containers.


Need help in understanding the CTU Code?

A great many people in the transport chain will rely on the skill of the person who packs and secures the cargo into the CTU (Cargo Transport Unit).

The declaration of the accurate gross mass of a packed container is now recognised as critical to maritime safety. It is the legal obligation of the ‘packer’ to verify the gross mass (VGM) of a loaded container under the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). There is a widening appreciation at all levels on the importance of correct and safe stowage, building on a growing appetite for safety and compliance within the industry that continues to be high on everyone’s agenda. Rachel Morley passed the CTU exam and can give advice on the safe packing of cargo transport units (CTUs).

HSE figures for 2017 show Transport as the 3rd most dangerous industry behind Construction and Agriculture. 65% of all marine insurance cargo damage claims are as a result of poor packing and securing within the cargo transport unit. In the event of a claim, if liability is proven then any pay out from your insurance cover is likely to only cover the tip of the iceberg in terms of product cost, management time, hours of lost business, distraction etc.