Spatial Global are proud to support MAKE UK and the British manufacturing community it represents. Our role is to help UK manufacturers export goods cost effectively across the World. The business sectors we support are diverse and our ethos is in alignment with Make UK.


Britain remains one of the world's biggest manufacturing nations

Make UK is focused on creating the most supportive environment for UK manufacturers to thrive, innovate and compete. It does this by enabling manufacturers to connect, share, solve problems and create opportunities together.

With extensive knowledge of UK manufacturing, means Make UK are able to influence policy-making at local, national and international levels. Pushing for the policy changes that members want to see, MAKE UK are the voice of British manufacturing.

Almost 3 million people work in the manufacturing sector and deliver almost half of all UK exports. British companies drive over 60 percent of all UK research and development. As a result of that investment and manufacturing as we know it is changing, adapting, and transforming each and every day.

Make UK is involved at the cutting edge of innovation; leading the way in developing skills and driving competitive advantage for the UK.