Spatial Global Newsletter Spring 2023

GLOBAL NAVIGATOR FREIGHT • MAIL • E-COMMERCE PROFESSIONAL WORLDWIDE DELIVERY Spring 2023 Spatial Global broaden offer with Acquisition We’re delighted to have acquired 100% of the shares of Hollyport Logistics, a Heathrow based freight forwarder, operated by its founder, Jerry Holmes since 2010. Both organisations will benefit from the new structure The acquisition means Hollyport Logistics gets the backing of Spatial Global and the wider services portfolio, as well as the additional reach and financial support of Keswick Enterprises. To Spatial Global customers, the acquisition will bring several benefits – starting with a Heathrow location, customs badge with direct access to handling and transport services. What’s more Spatial Global also gets a ‘Brexit assisting’ solution for exports to the EU. . Same people speaking with the same customers – just a broader offer “Once it was known the business was potentially available, I received a lot of interest. I met with many potential buyers but the fit wasn’t great. Then came along Mike Wallis, and Spatial Global. This was the first time I felt there was a shared vision, Mike was by far the most honest and straightforward of all the people I met through the process. He was someone who I felt I could trust with my loyal team here. I was delighted when we were able to agree on the financials and future for Hollyport Logistics.” Spatial Global has a small but very experienced team. Working in the challenging world of freight forwarding and Customs Documentation, we help to facilitate our clients international business needs. How does 338 years of international business experience benefit importers and exporters? In the increasingly challenging world of international business you need an experienced team. From a global pandemic, broken supply chains, Ever Given Suez Canal obstruction, volatile ocean freight prices, global port congestion, Brexit, new INCO Terms, new customs legislation and HMRC software systems, the list of challenges faced goes on and on. Most businesses that rely on the international markets for the success and survival of their business, need a team who can advise, support and manage this ever-changing landscape. 338 years of Freight Forwarding and Customs Documentation Experience KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. KNOWLEDGE SHARED IS POWER MULTIPLIED. Mike Wallis Executive Chairman Spatial Global Ian Radcliffe Product Manager Spatial Global