Ecommerce Returns Management

Ecommerce Returns Management

Customers returning orders expect the procedure to be simple and hassle free


Looking for more efficient returns management?

You know at the core of business is how we interact with our customers. This includes making sure they get the right item perfectly packed at the right time. As an online retailer you will also understand how important the returns process is for attracting and retaining business. Spatial Global's e-commerce service includes the facility to operate an efficient returns service from 19 European countries. Under this service your customers arrange their own returns with local carriers via a multi-lingual website – all controlled and authorised by you.


What if your returns management service gave you the edge?

Returns management is an issue across all sectors of ecommerce and many online retailers treat their returns handling as an afterthought. Their process is slow and leaves customers in the dark, wondering when they’ll get their money back.  Spatial Global enable you to specify a personalised returns process which can involve inspection and re-stocking, detailed QC, sending images or forwarding the returned goods to a specified address (i.e. the original manufacturer). It gives you the opportunity to delight your customers with the ease and visibility of your returns handling and ensure they keep buying from you.


What happens when a product gets returned?

When the initial online order is received by Spatial Global, it's allocated a unique order number and barcode so that in the event of it being returned it can be quickly identified and matched to a specific client. When a 'returned product' arrives at Spatial Global, we carry out your specified returns process and make sure you are fully aware of the return status so you can quickly be in contact with your customer to resolve the return. If the customer is already disappointed or a product isn’t suitable, the last thing they need is a complex returns procedure.


What's the true cost of dealing with a returned item?

Ecommerce Returns goes beyond just refunding it, expenses can include:

  • Postage and delivery of the return
  • Rework
  • Customer support
  • Exchanges
  • Complimentary items, gift vouchers and discount codes

Spatial Global's commitment to the best client care, we’ve ensured you can take advantage of simple to use reverse logistics processes and accounts, allowing customers to return unwanted orders quickly and easily. Whether you choose to provide free post return labels or a courier collection, your customer can enjoy a smooth experience, ensuring you meet the high standards of customer service that you want them to enjoy.


Need ecommerce fulfilment services for your small online businesses?

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