Ecommerce Value Added Services

Turning the 'non standard' into tailored solutions

Making your life easier by solving your ecommerce fulfilment challenges


Need some form of added-value or specialised support?

Many customers require some form of added-value or specialised support service for their product in the warehouse, and Spatial Global's experienced personnel are highly proficient in this field.

Ecommerce Value Added Services include:
  • Customer collections
  • Intake of containerised or breakbulk goods
  • Sorting at intake or despatch
  • Physical alterations/deferred completion
  • Product re-work and reprocessing
  • Kitting and ratio-packing
  • Picking and packing
  • Shrinkwrapping and palletisation
  • Carton and pallet storage – short and long term
  • Data management
  • Inventory management/computerised stock control
  • Customs warehousing
  • Returns management/reverse logistics
  • Labelling, re-labelling and tagging
  • Kimball tagging and re-kimbling
  • Customer-specific labelling – barcode, alphanumeric and graphical

If you have a logistics support requirement that is not listed above, then please enquire via the Contact us page. There's a very good chance that we already have the appropriate expertise.


Need ecommerce fulfilment services for your small online businesses?

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