Cross Docking ecommerce fulfilment

A tailored approach to Cross-Docking fulfilment for ecommerce

Do you want to minimise the time that it takes for goods to arrive with the end customer?


Cross-Docking is ideal for optimising overseas stock replenishment

The essence of cross-docking is to collect products from multiple suppliers and to repack the goods before they are re-despatched. Traditionally with cross-dock fulfilment goods are received from a supplier or client based within the domestic country or from an international warehouse. However, since the UK left the EU, cross-docking has transitioned. It's often a bulk delivery from an overseas manufacturer, who sells online in the UK - directly from Spatial Globals' facility. To do this to avoid delays in despatch and to optimise customs processes. The load is combined with stock replenishment to be shipped directly to a retail network. In this case the cross-docking combines stock replenishment for their ecommerce sales, combined with consolidated stock pre-packed and in need of onward courier delivery to the retailers. The advantage of this cross-docking is a single vehicle movement and customs clearance, with optimised delivery routes across the UK.


Cross-Docking in ecommerce fulfilment isn't one size fits all

Any cross-docking model requires extremely structured documentation and automation of processes. There are a number of reasons why cross-docking may be the perfect solution for your order fulfilment. Product orders going to the same destination can easily be consolidated for cost efficiencies for despatch and larger consignments are broken down into smaller groups, for easier deliveries. Spatial Global are able to create a more tailored approach to cross-dock fulfilment. Identifying cost efficiencies and minimising the time that it takes for goods to arrive with the end customer.


Ecommerce fulfilment that makes it easy for you to delight your customers

Whatever your ecommerce fulfilment needs, we can help you spot savings, opportunities and provide expert advice on packaging options. Give your business the edge in a competitive online marketplace. Focus on growth while we fulfil your internet orders, providing you with a low-cost UK and international delivery service. Picking and shipping orders to your precise packaging specification. All designed to help you maximise profits and remain competitive in a fast changing environment.