Kickstarter & Crowdfunding Fulfilment

Kickstarter & Crowdfunding Fulfilment

Need help with the cost of storage and reward fulfilment to pay back those supporting you?


Spatial Global have in-depth experience in Kickstarter & Crowdfunding Fulfilment

If you've had a great idea, a key part of your pre-launch is to have a clear process mapped out for the fulfilment of your project. As a professional fulfilment house, we specialise in things like mass mailing, warehousing, packaging, etc. We manage the fulfilment of 100's of online businesses, distributing the widest variety of goods, from chewing gum to laminate flooring. We've been involved in many Kickstarter and Crowdfunded projects, because we specialise in helping smaller businesses grow online. Many successful crowdfunding campaigns forget to adequately plan (and therefore account for) the cost of storage and reward fulfilment, which, on average, costs roughly 20% of the item. T


Helping you create a successful Kickstarter or Crowdfunding campaign.

Launching personal projects or business ideas through a Kickstarter or Crowdfunding campaign means you need to present the plan. A good, well thought out, detailed and carefully structured  plan will build confidence. This belief will convert into supporters of your project. Depending on the type of project, investors either donate money altruistically - or get rewards - usually the product which is the focus of the project. So if your product needs distribution, then there will be costs to be factored in. Which is why the advice from Kickstarter is 'plan your project around fulfilment' and here's where we can really add value.

Plan your project around 'hassle-free' fulfilment

If you've had one idea, the likelihood is you'll have more. So when you've had your successful Kickstarter campaign, delivering the rewards to those who believed in you and supported the idea financially are rewarded. Delivering on your promise builds trust, and great reviews will encourage future supporters. We'll help you keep the complexity of your fulfilment to a minimum, but we can only do this if you include us in the planning. Then you can focus all your energy on making your creative work instead of figuring out overly complicated logistics.

Kickstarter or Crowdfunding products areas

• High value books

• High value smaller goods and gifts

• Vape products and accessories

• Education products and subscription sales

• Clothing and accessories

What we do

• Receive stock in bulk from your suppliers

• Receiving orders and manage inventory

• Ship products quickly and cost-effectively to backers worldwide

• Provide real-time order tracking for you and your backers

• Offer ongoing fulfilment once your initial campaign has shipped

Simplify and streamline the fulfilment process to delight your backers

Whatever your Kickstarter or Crowdfunding fulfilment needs, we can help you spot savings, opportunities and provide expert advice on packaging options. Give your business the edge in a competitive online marketplace. Focus on growth while we fulfil your rewards and internet orders by providing you with a low-cost UK and international delivery service. Picking and shipping orders to your precise packaging specification. All designed to help you maximise profits and remain competitive in a fast changing environment.


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