Importing Customs Clearance Services

Importing Customs clearance Services

Door-to-door management of UK imports

Spatial Global's freight team identifies the optimal approach for your export deliveries - whether by air, sea or overland

Imports into the United Kingdom continue to grow rapidly, and the team at Spatial Global has the skills and experience to manage every aspect of your imports, from door-to-door...

We are networked electronically with major UK ports and airports. We assist with all aspects of customs procedures, and complete necessary declarations on behalf of customers – allowing quick and efficient clearance of air, sea, rail/intermodal and trailer shipments.

But customs clearance is only part of the story. Strong bonds with our established network of partners worldwide enables us to oversee all aspects of customers' remote export procedures, and build relationships with their suppliers – providing a complete import service from anywhere to anywhere. We can also coordinate third-party freight movements around the world, creating documentation that enables the shipper and receiver to remain anonymous to each other, and facilitating billing in the UK.

To help customers get the best financial terms for their shipments, we offer customs warehousing – allowing you to pay import duty and VAT only when your goods are despatched from the UK warehouse, not necessarily when they arrive at the UK border.

Strong bonds with established partners worldwide enable us to oversee all aspects of customers' remote export procedures