Customs Bonded Warehouses

Customs Bonded Warehouses

Spatial Global operates two HMRC customs bonded warehouses in the East Midlands


Want to defer VAT and import duties?

To help customers get the best financial terms for their shipments, Spatial Global operates two HMRC customs bonded warehouses in the East Midlands - allowing VAT and import duties to be paid only when goods are needed, not necessarily when they arrive in the country. Both customs bonded warehouses are purpose-built, modern and secure – with CCTV surveillance – and comply with HMRC processes and procedures, plus UK legislation.


Looking for cash-flow benefits of delayed payment of taxes?

With peak season charges and capacity issues on many inbound vessels, it makes sense for customers to get their shipments into the UK early, and held centrally – ensuring availability for immediate delivery when required. In this case, using a customs warehouse to defer payment of import duty and VAT can be highly beneficial. In addition to the cash-flow benefits of delayed payment of taxes, goods subsequently re-exported from the customs facility may avoid import duty and VAT altogether.


Customs Bonded Warehouse services include:

CCTV surveillance at a Spatial Global warehouse

  • Full import clearance
  • Delayed payment of duty and VAT until goods are called-off
  • Electronic barcoding of all goods
  • Computerised stock management – full control and secure online visibility
  • Trained and experienced personnel


Looking for peace of mind customs handling of your imported goods?

We also have direct links to the UK's Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system. Our customs specialists are also experts in Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP) and the National Export System (NES). Our proven experience, state-of-the-art warehouse management system, strict procedures and modern, secure facilities ensure accurate control of customers' bonded stock. Spatial Global a member of the United Kingdom Warehousing Association and has dedicated warehousing and shared-user warehousing in the United Kingdom. In addition a wide variety of added-value services is offered.


Our Customs Bonded Warehouse does not allow goods of chapters 1-24 to be stored

In brief, these are:

  • Live animals; animal products
  • Vegetable products
  • Animal or vegetable fats and oils and their cleavage products; prepared edible fats; animal or vegetable waxes
  • Prepared foodstuffs; beverages, spirits and vinegar; tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes


Need to make savings on your import freight forwarding costs?

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