Cross Trades Freight Forwarding

Cross trade shipments involve moving cargo around the world without it entering the country where the shipper is registeredCross Trades Freight Forwarding

Moving cargo between countries


Need cross trade shipments forwarding?

If you need to move cargo between two points on the globe without the cargo either leaving the UK or entering the UK, then Spatial Globals' Cross Trades Freight Forwarding specialists can get you the best price and most effective route.  Specialist cross trade cargo movements are assigned to our project management team who work with specific shipping agents selected for their unique cargo handling expertise.


Got a difficult to reach destination for your cross trades shipment?

Our cross trades freight forwarding team are experienced in a comprehensive range of ‘bolt-on’ services for regular and cross trade transportation - including cargo insurance, packing, container stuffing and local inland logistics. So when you need to move cargo between countries in which you not based, we enable you to ship cargo direct from any origin to any destination. At all times maintaining a local contact, because Spatial Global have the resources and in-depth local knowledge necessary to support your logistics requirements whatever and wherever you need them. Delivering first rate cross trade logistics services for shipments of any size - from just about any port in the world to even the most difficult to reach destinations.


Cross trade shipment services key features:

We provide a full range of freight services for cross trades traffic – including air, LCL, FCL, project cargo/out-of-gauge, and hazardous goods:

  • Imports and exports to and from anywhere
  • Customs clearance and documentation preparation
  • Specialist staff for breakbulk, abnormal and oversize/overweight cargoes
  • Door-to-door/DTD via air, sea and road/rail/intermodal
  • Strong international network of trusted shipping agents
  • Direct shipments
  • Inspection at origin/QC
  • Consolidation of cargo
  • Online track & trace
  • Packing advice


Looking for the best price for your cross trades cargo?

Spatial Global's specialists have the know-how and experience to manage cross trades transport effectively and at minimum cost. Through our strong network of trusted agents and shippers, we can arrange collection from overseas suppliers and delivery to the overseas end-customer, while ensuring complete anonymity between the two parties if required. We also arrange product inspections and quality control checks.


Moving palletised freight to remote destinations without cranage or a fork-lift?

We have a deep understanding of local procedures, statutory regulations and documentary requirements in countries all over the world, and can advise on import tariffs and trade agreements. We can also help with the preparation of documentation required to complete the shipping transaction. Our specialists routinely manage the complexity inherent in cross trades forwarding, and the team is not easily thwarted. If you want to get your freight to remote destinations without docks, cranage or even a fork-lift truck, then Spatial Global will usually find a way!


Need to make savings on your cross trades freight forwarding costs?

Whatever origin, destination. frequency or delivery timescales - wouldn't it be nice to talk to someone who knows how to remove the hidden costs, take a look at what you're spending, where, and highlight if you could be paying less? Hidden costs are difficult to spot unless you're an expert - CLICK HERE to find out about our FREE confidential Import & Export Audit.