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Out of Gauge International Shipping

Need to get big, complex cargo, to some seemingly unreachable destination?


Getting your out of gauge international shipments from A to B, no matter how difficult

Out of Gauge, or OOG cargo has multiple terms to describe it. It can be referred to as ‘over dimensional cargo’ (ODC), oversized cargo, break bulk, even ugly freight! Whatever the terminology used, it’s relevant to any cargo which is too big or too heavy to go into a standard six-sided ubiquitous shipping container. This often results in the need to use specialist lifting equipment, packaging, vehicles and routing – especially to destinations which are not covered by the major carriers.


What makes your out of gauge shipment even more challenging?

When ‘out of gauge’ is also project cargo this is slightly different because there are more factors involved than simply the size and weight of the shipment. Although project cargo could be relevant to any form of transport, and is often outsized, it is essentially a complex logistical shipment, which has time constraints, tight delivery dates, and specialist safety requirements.


What we do – to ensure your oversized cargo gets there!

• Discovery Session – Understand the project, destination, technical challenges, route challenges and time constraints

• Feasibility Report – Establish the detail; discuss the options on customs, pricing, insurance, identify and mitigate risk, etc.

• Provide a working project plan - Define the scope, point of origin, route, customs, compliance, transport modes, final destination, timelines, any cargo sensitivities, risks, and ensure all stakeholders are clear on their individual areas of responsibility

• Communicate – Understanding things change, weather, pandemics, stranded ships blocking key routes, we’ve had it all

• Execute – The logistics of oversized cargo needs a hands-on and focused approach from start to finish, with clear communication

• Review – Looking at what worked well and what could have worked better, means our processes continually evolve


How can you be prepared for reaching the world’s most unreachable destinations?

It is important to select a dedicated project team that can offer solutions for all types of oversized cargo. Spatial Global are a BIFA multi-award winning freight forwarding team, specialising in out of gauge project cargo logistics. Having won multiple awards for delivering complex logistical solutions for cargo ranging from stadium lighting and rollercoasters, to hanger doors for the world renowned Ariane 6 Space project – we fully understand every aspect of managing these complex projects to seemingly unreachable destinations.


Why oversized cargo solutions require highly detailed project management expertise

When shipping this type of cargo internationally, oversized cargo requires many different forms of transport. The delivery is likely to have critical time constraints, as it is normally a component of a larger project. Often the final destination is an obscure location and route planning can reveal unexpected challenges. Finally, the weight distribution, awkwardness of shape and need to move between the transport modes means this type of shipment requires specialist safety measures, lifting and loading instructions. All of which makes this a very a complex logistical shipment. Now add to this the challenges of customs declarations for import and export, multiple potential points of inspection, specialist insurance, and you begin to understand why you need to use experienced experts for this type of shipment.


Why Spatial Global are uniquely positioned to project management oversized cargo

The Spatial Global freight team has decades of experience and relevant expertise in handling standard and non-standard shipments. Working with a wide variety of clients, managing diverse projects and shipping to the most challenging locations – our team understand what questions to ask and where to get the answers. From the beginning to the end of your shipping process, we'll ensure that your needs are met in the best possible way. Our team of experts are here to help you with everything from customs clearance to maximising the cost effectiveness of each shipment.

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