Global Direct Entry Mail

Global Direct Entry Mail

Need a smart solution for your international mail?


Spatial Global is an authorised international mail consolidator

Spatial Global handle and distribute significant volumes of international mail, from international subscription mail, like magazines and education kits, to ecommerce deliveries. The mail is sorted at Spatial Global and packaged for bulk transit to the specific destination countries by air. Operating via a network of direct entry points across the globe, delivering directly into foreign postal authorities to minimise transit times (because the mail is bulk shipped directly via air freight). The key cost advantage is postage and this is paid at the local or domestic rate.


The benefits of Global Direct Entry Mail is speed and price

The real price benefit arises because of the volumes of international mailings we manage on a daily basis. Which means your mail is consolidated with other clients’ mail going to the same destination.
Because we also sort the mail to the requirements of the receiving (foreign) postal administration – and have consistent volume - this entitles us to discounts on standard tariffs. So we can offer a discount rate compared with the published Royal Mail International tariff. It’s also typically faster than the traditional routed delivery because transit times can be carefully planned, monitored, and the mail is pre-sorted - so enters the domestic sorting process further downstream.


Why Spatial Global is uniquely positioned to provide UK and international mail solutions

The Spatial Global mail team will enable you to take advantage of both our decades of expertise combined with our 'volume discounts' on domestic and/or overseas parcel and mail delivery. Helping you to optimise resources and remain competitive. Because from the very beginning to the end of your mailing process, we'll ensure that your needs are met in the best possible way. Our team of experts is here to help you with everything from advising and designing optimised mail distribution solutions, to maximising the cost effectiveness of each mailing.

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