Machine Fulfilment of Publications

Machine fulfilment of publishing and business mail

Mechanised fulfilment services providing the most cost effective solutions


Need high-capacity wrapping or enveloping?

In our mechanised mail room we use advanced, automated, high-capacity folding, inserting and wrapping/enveloping machines to fulfil customers' projects at speeds of up to 15,000 units an hour. We can enclose items in plastic or oxodegradable film wrap, including inline inkjetting to the polythene film.


Our principal mechanised fulfilment solutions include:

  • Wrap
    • Polywrapping – plastic or oxodegradable film
    • Options for clear, opaque, banded and printed film
    • Enveloping to client specification
  • Print
    • Inline inkjetting to polythene film
    • Carrier sheet printing (black and white or colour)
    • Letter shop services
  • Folding
    • A4 to A5
    • DL 'Z' folds
  • Insertion
    • Carrier sheets
    • DL to C4 size envelopes
    • Variable size insertions
    • Inserting extra materials
    • Up to 5 inserts per envelope/wrapper


Want to check you're getting the best price and service levels?

Whatever the origin, destination, frequency or delivery timescales, wouldn't it be nice to talk to someone who knows how to remove the hidden costs? Someone who can take a look at what you're spending, where, and highlight if you could be paying less? Hidden costs are difficult to spot unless you're an expert. Find out more about our free and confidential Global Mail and Fulfilment Audit.