Paper Wrapping Machine Fulfilment

Paper Wrapping Machine Fulfilment

Consumers are demanding less plastic, have you considered a paper wrap covering?


Growing trend to greener magazine mailing options

More and more magazines are converting to paper wrap envelopes, because it's an eco-friendly method of packing, which is also highly cost-effective. It works similar to poly wrapping, but instead of plastic film, the machine converts reels of plain or pre-printed paper into finished mail packs. This is wrapped around the product, providing fantastic branding and advertising opportunities. As a much greener alternative to poly-wrapping, Spatial Global was one of the very first companies in the UK to offer this service.


Highly efficient paper wrap provides a competitive edge

The new in-line paper wrapping system accommodates high-volume mailings, and has some bespoke modifications to ensure it provides Spatial Global with a competitive edge. The in-line paper wrapping machine will be used on a wide variety of direct mailing applications for our clients, including multiple-insert magazines, in sizes from C6 to C4.


Help you reduce your impact on the environment

Paper wrapping has become a fantastic way to reduce plastic usage from poly wrapping. Paper wrapping has strong environmental credentials even in comparison to starch-based compostable wraps.  The paper used for our paper magazine wrap solution is FSC and PEFC certified and is easily recycled after use. Therefore, its sustainable lifecycle will support any environmental commitments associated with CSR policies or ISO14001 efforts.


Eco-friendly paper magazine wrap benefits

Paper is a renewable resource and if sourced from sustainable forestry it’s great for the environment when compared to the alternatives for mailing wraps. It’s a truly circular material, trees grow taking CO2 from the air, this is then harvested and turned into paper. Used for a variety of applications, and then easily disposed of - because everyone knows how to recycle paper.
Paper wrap mailing offers more than a viable paper wrapping solution for magazines.
•    100% recyclable, paper wrap is less harmful to our planet than plastic poly wrap
•    Machine-readable - it also qualifies for discounted Royal Mail services
•    Customisable design and promotional opportunities – offering limitless design opportunities providing a more enticing and engaging piece of mail


Paper wrap provides unlimited design and promotional opportunities

Paper magazine wrap can accommodate virtually any design you can think of, from plain block colours to intricate designs and photos, the possibilities are endless.


People understand what to do with paper wrap

Paper wrap packs are easier for those with a strong conservation ethos because they understand paper and how to dispose of it. It is 100% recyclable with all Councils providing kerbside collections.


Why Spatial Global are uniquely positioned to provide UK and international mail solutions

The Spatial Global mail team will enable you to take advantage of both our decades of expertise combined with our 'volume discounts' on domestic and/or overseas parcel and mail delivery. Helping you to optimise resources and remain competitive. Because from the very beginning to the end of your mailing process, we'll ensure that your needs are met in the best possible way. Our team of experts is here to help you with everything from advising and designing optimised mail distribution solutions, to maximising the cost effectiveness of each mailing.