Downstream Access SERVICES

Downstream Access SERVICES

Want to gain greater savings on your postage costs?


Downstream Access for UK postage

Spatial Global works with Downstream Access (DSA) providers to help you make savings on your mailings. This is because we can pre-process mail before it enters the Royal Mail system.  The sorted mail is then collected and delivered downstream, to the appropriate Royal Mail Inbound Mail Centre, providing cost savings which are passed onto the customer. The last part of the process, 'the final mile', is facilitated by the postmen and women who deliver the mail to the door.


Finding the most cost effect ways of sending your mail

Because we work with the large postal contractors we can get the most advantageous rates and access the full range of postage products. The Downstream Access provider service can only be used on 2nd class work, not 1st class or economy. It takes 2-3 days, the same time as Royal Mail's second class service, but typically at a lower cost.

We will always compare the available options on your behalf to find the best way to send your mail without compromising on quality. Why not get in touch with us and we will be glad to provide you with the details of how much you could be saving?


Why Spatial Global are uniquely positioned to provide UK and international mail solutions

The Spatial Global mail team will enable you to take advantage of both our decades of expertise combined with our 'volume discounts' on domestic and/or overseas parcel and mail delivery. Helping you to optimise resources and remain competitive. Because from the very beginning to the end of your mailing process, we'll ensure that your needs are met in the best possible way. Our team of experts is here to help you with everything from advising and designing optimised mail distribution solutions, to maximising the cost effectiveness of each mailing.

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