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What mail can be sent where as a result of COVID-19?

17th July 2020
The Mail team at Spatial Global are actively monitoring this rapidly evolving situation. There are some delays or suspension of international deliveries to and from dozens of countries due to flight cancellations and actions by foreign governments. But if
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New Paper Wrap Mailing Machine Ordered

18th May 2020
Spatial Global Mail has been a leader in promoting sustainable mailing options for publishers, and have pioneered alternatives to LDPE polywrap, with materials like biodegradable potato starch-based film.
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A Hat-Trick of BIFA BTEC Awards

27th April 2020
Three of the Spatial Global Freight team all successfully completed their BIFA, BTEC Intermediate Award in Customs Export and Import Procedures.
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Treat Yourself to a World of Flavours

20th April 2020
Award-winning food gifting company TTK Confectionery Ltd specialising in product design and development - their products can be found in over 25,000 retail stores worldwide.
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