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Evapo do their bit to aid public health during the crisis

21st September 2020
Smoking probably puts you at greater risk of coronavirus, not less. Recent studies suggest that one of the best steps people can take to protect themselves is to quit smoking - an Evapo have launched a #QuitForCovid campaign and we
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What mail can be sent where as a result of COVID-19?

17th July 2020
The Mail team at Spatial Global are actively monitoring this rapidly evolving situation. There are some delays or suspension of international deliveries to and from dozens of countries due to flight cancellations and actions by foreign governments. But if
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New Paper Wrap Mailing Machine Ordered

18th May 2020
Spatial Global Mail has been a leader in promoting sustainable mailing options for publishers, and have pioneered alternatives to LDPE polywrap, with materials like biodegradable potato starch-based film.
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