Helping you ‘fine-tune’ your overseas ‘post Brexit’ trading strategy?

Since the Brexit vote enquiries for overseas mail and freight services have increased. In your business you may be experiencing an increase in trade, it’s probably due to the value of Sterling, which is making British goods and services attractive to overseas buyers.


If you’re asking these questions, we can help you find the right commercial solution:

  • Will tariffs most likely be imposed on UK goods and services'
  • How will it affect our trade with the rest of the world'
  • What can I do to prepare my businesses now'

One thing is certain, its never been so important to be agile – which is why we are providing any business who imports, exports or sends goods overseas a free consultation.


expert on global trade and import/export logistics

As an expert on global trade and import/export logistics, Mike Wallis and his specialist team will explore the most likely consequences of Brexit on your business and what businesses can do to take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

Spatial’s experience in the management of import and export supply chains and the ‘real world’ of businesses that depend on overseas trade, will provide valuable insights into how your business should be gearing up for the impact of the UK’s departure. We will help you get ready for the change.

We are a truly international company, employing over 1000 people in our sites across Europe. A significant part our business is facilitating overseas trade for UK based businesses.

Mike Wallis, Executive Chairman of Spatial Global

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