2017 International Postage Price Changes

As international and domestic postal rates increase in 2017, Spatial Global are focused on helping you secure the best value solution. Our expertise and buying power enables you to navigate the complex postal market. Understanding your needs means we can secure the most competitive prices for your specific mailings.


How can price rises be justified in today’s economic conditions'

Wholesale prices are set by the international postal authorities around the world, and the key driver of this year’s rise is the drop in value of sterling against the dollar and euro. These are the primary currencies of the international postal market, and the drop in the value of the pound has directly impacted postal tariffs.  To compound this, we are in a recovering oil market, priced in dollars, which means a double whammy effect on transportation costs. This has resulted in the costs for delivering overseas mail and parcels rising faster than in previous years.


A silver lining for exporters

While these currency movements have resulted in increased postal costs, they have also delivered more favourable trading conditions for UK businesses exporting overseas. A boom in cross-border ecommerce traffic means Spatial Global have been able to increase overall mailing volumes. This increase means your tariff may actually be lower than it would have been without this surge in exports.


How can Spatial Global help you minimise the increases'

Our team of mail experts work tirelessly to provide you with a mailing strategy to help you maximise on any postal discounts available. We constantly look at the type of items you are sending together with the weight and distribution profile. This means we can provide expert advice on how you could adapt your mailings to reduce costs wherever practically possible.

In addition to this we continuously evaluate all service options and use our buying power and experience to mitigate rises wherever possible. Our aim is to ensure we are accessing the most cost effective services for all your mail to ensure that our prices remain as competitive as possible in these new market conditions.

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