Self-publishing and don’t want to use Amazon?

Crowdfunding is probably the most effective way for a self-published author, tight on funds, to produce a physical publication. Crowdfunding for self-published authors has many advantages – and typically one big headache!


Crowdfunding platforms connect prospective authors with potential fans

Crowdfunding is the term usually applied to a project which uses the power of the crowd to fund its design and production. It’s a great way of raising funds because individuals research what you are writing about and are invited to pledge a fee, typically in return for a first edition of the book. Authors, publishers and literary journals are all finding new ways of connecting directly to their readers – and their wallets – using online platforms such as Kickstarter, Unbound, Indiegogo and Flattr. (Kickstarter now launches more books per year than all but the very largest publishers).

If you are thinking about using crowdfunding to help fund the creation of your publication, then here are the typical steps…


First you must ‘pitch’ your idea

Crowdfunding works almost like an advance, so that you can channel it in to publishing costs or new projects. Better still, it means you can pitch your idea and test the waters. So you know if it attracts investors you’re really appealing to future fans.  It means you’re building a fan base at the same time as a growing list of supporters ready and waiting to buy before you’re even on the shelves.

Selling ‘pre-orders’ to your community of supporters is common practice. All you have to do is let people know it’s happening, and keep your backers in the loop if things change, publication dates slip, etc.


Now here’s the headache!

Once it’s published you’ll need to send a copy to everyone that’s helped along the way. However, sending a printed publication through the mail can be expensive and if it’s not packaged right, the book can easily get damaged. Delivering your new book via the mail in pristine condition is critical if you are to avoid negative feedback impacting on your future crowdfunding sales.


3 Steps to helping you get rid of the headache of book distribution cost efficiently:

  1. Getting the Packaging Right
    Book packaging specifically designed to physically protect books in transit. This means investing in the right materials. To be cost effective you need to purchase this packaging in volume. Spatial Global distribute 100,000’s of books each year, which means you benefit from our packaging expertise and volume buying power.

  2. Getting the right postage costs
    The design of the packaging you use will influence your postage costs, which depend on size as well as weight. How do you go about getting the best possible price for every country you need to deliver to' Spatial Global distribute millions of items each year, which means you benefit from volume mail contract pricing wherever your delivery is.
  3. A professional looking delivery
    As soon as your package enters your customers’ hands, they’re judging you. If their new book arrives in a shoddy or unprofessionally packed and labelled package, their excitement is dampened.  The more you value your initial impression to the customer, the more they will think “WOW!”. This means they will be more likely to repeat purchase – so working with a professional fulfilment and mailing provider can influence future sales.


If you want to save on shipping books – it pays to use a professional!

There are many more ways Spatial Global could help you deliver on your promise and avoid any negative feedback – give us a call and we’ll be only too happy to help!

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