B2C ecommerce sales in the UK grew by almost 16% in 2016

The UK has one of the strongest ecommerce economies, especially in relation to other European countries. How UK based online retailers look at consumer behaviour, trends and delivery expectations will be key in realising their growth potential in 2017 and beyond.


Looking to drive ecommerce growth but don't know exactly where to focus'

If your business goal is to build your ecommerce site to last in a growing global ecommerce market, you need the support of a fulfilment partner who can help you capture the growing opportunities.


The ecommerce impact on global retail markets

Ecommerce is now just a little more than two decades old, but it’s already proving to be an incredibly disruptive force in retail markets around the world, as more connected consumers choose to bypass store shopping in favour of web and mobile purchases. Online retail sales reached $1.74 trillion globally last year, and it’s been growing at roughly 20% per year over the last three years. That’s in stark contrast to store sales, which have grown on average 3% per year.


If you limit your fulfilment to the UK, you’ve seriously capped your potential

As cross-border ecommerce continues to grow and more of the world’s population become digital buyers, retailers need to become better equipped to facilitate cross boarder fulfilment. In 2016, Forrester Research forecast that worldwide business-to-consumer (B2C) cross-border ecommerce would reach $424 billion by 2021, making up 15% of all online commerce.


Mcommerce: mobile buying Is taking off

About one-quarter (24.2%) of merchants worldwide surveyed by Payvision in August 2016 said the “biggest game-changer” for cross-border ecommerce this year would be the growth of mcommerce, the same answer given for the past two years. There was also an uptick in concern about data breaches and fraud (20.7%) and interest in alternative payment methods (19.9%).


If you need a partner who understands ecommerce fulfilment – without restrictions

Spatial Global can help you import, consolidate, distribute, pick-pack and dispatch. We can take care of all the headache areas of managing your stock, handling returns and leave you to focus on increasing online sales.

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