Ecommerce fulfillment minimises the cost of shipping fresh air!

When a premium bags and luggage design company approached Spatial Global to manage their global e-fulfilment - there was one area which was not negotiable.


The bags could not be folded and needed to be shipped in shape

This meant, in effect they were paying for volume which amounted to fresh air - as the bags were kept in shape during transit using giant air pockets.


The premium sports luggage brand had developed a new style of tennis bag

The business had done their research and discovered the brightly-coloured, heavily-branded tennis bags typically used were cumbersome, looked ridiculous with professional attire and were useless in every context off the court. They set about designing a new category of tennis bags with an emphasis on function, quality and design to enable people to transform how tennis fits into busy lifestyles.


As a premium product - it needed to arrive in perfect condition

This meant the bags could not be folded to reduce their volume (and shipping costs). What’s more they needed to arrive in perfect shape, which meant having them packed with giant polythene air pockets.
Selling online meant delivery costs would impact on sales

The shipping costs would need to be competitive to avoid a negative impact on ecommerce sales. Spatial Global accepted the challenge of delivering a complete ecommerce fulfilment proposition which included:

  • Warehousing
  • Picking & Packing
  • Distribution to individual buyers across the world


The solution delivered meets every requirement

Partly due to Spatial Global’s unique combined proposition of freight forwarding, international mail and ecommerce fulfilment - and partly due to the dogged nature of the Spatial Global team, determined to arrive at a commercial solution - ecommerce sales are up and the clients brand is growing in reputation.


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