Working in Partnership to Help Close deals

When a global leisure chain approached Visimi, specialists in digital signage solutions, they presented the them with a great opportunity - but there was one catch.


The initial roll-out of delivery for the contract in the UK, incorporating 145 screens, was needed in 21 days.

The screens were made in the Far East, and getting the 145 screens manufactured would take 14 days. This left just 7 days to get the initial consignment collected, shipped and the installation programme underway.

Closing the deal depended upon confirming the delivery and installation roll-out was possible within the timescales. Which meant before the order could be placed, the freight team at Spatial Global were asked the question. Can you get the product shipped from the Far East factory and delivered to Visimi, within an acceptable price point and within this window'

Finding a route for an express shipment onto a direct flight, out of what is a very congested region, to meet this delivery requirement would be difficult. To ensure there were no hold-ups at customs, all documentation needed to be 100% correct. To ensure the price was accurate and the load could be shipped, product unit weights and packaging needed to be absolutely as specified.

There were a lot of factors to consider, and very little time to fully explore all the required aspects of this shipment. The risks were explained to Jonathan Hardy of Visimi, and both parties agreed they would work collaboratively – and make it happen!

Upon confirming the installation programme would commence Friday 21st April, the contract was awarded to Visimi. The work to secure the route, within the agreed price point and timescales, commenced immediately upon this news. Working creatively, the collaboration between the Spatial Global freight team and the Visimi operations team, quickly established the initial consignment could be split into two loads. This was because the roll-out programme meant only 50 units were scheduled for installation within the first 7 days.

During the next few days, product unit and packaging weights were confirmed. Letters of Credit drafted, agreed and issued. Customs documentation was created, and triple checked.  The first consignment of 50 screens was booked on a flight out of the most local international Airport to London Heathrow. The logistics for collecting the screens from the factory and delivery to local international Airport were arranged for April 14th – Good Friday. Transport from Heathrow Airport to Visimi in Leicestershire was arranged for April 20th. Commencement of the ‘installation roll-out’ was contracted for April 21st.


All was agreed and confirmed, now fingers crossed everything would run as planned – it didn’t!

The manufacturer didn’t have the 50 screens ready on the 14th April – it would now be the 16th. The reconfigured logistics would need to be sorted over the Bank Holiday weekend. The Spatial Global team quickly kicked into action and liaising with their local agents, quickly rearranged collection transport for Sunday 16th April. Next was the flights, working with the airline, they were able to source an alternative route at short notice. It would arrive at Heathrow on the 20th of April – a day later than planned. Transport was arranged to collect the screens and deliver first thing Friday 21st of April – the day the ‘initial installation roll-out’ was contracted to the global leisure chain.

Sunday the 16th of April the screens were finally collected, arriving at the international airport on schedule and customs processed the consignment without incident. The freight was loaded and landed at London Heathrow as planned on Thursday 20th April. Processing the consignment by HRMC Customs went smoothly, because everything was in order. The haulier collected the goods on schedule as agreed. The first consignment arrived at Visimi as per the rescheduled timescales. Visimi commenced with the initial installation roll-out on schedule and as contracted to the leisure chain.

The following week the balance of delivery followed a similar route, this time without any surprises or delays. The whole consignment was delivered and the contractual obligations for the leisure chain have been successfully met. So much so, that the contract has been extended and 400 more digital displays are - ‘at the time of writing this case study’ - on the water, sailing towards the Port of Southampton.


With such a large, valuable and high profile contract, it was difficult to imagine I would have to turn it down because we couldn’t meet the timescales required. Fortunately I’d been introduced to Spatial Global and had developed a solid relationship with the team there. When I explained the circumstances and the importance of securing this contract, they moved heaven and earth to quickly establish what was possible. With complete transparency, we evaluated the risks and I’m pleased to say it paid off.

I must admit the events of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend gave me a few grey hairs, and a couple of sleepless nights. But I have to hand it to Spatial Global, they really pulled out all of the stops to pull the delivery back on schedule. Without their help I could not have closed the deal. Without their proactive reaction to the unfolding events over the Easter weekend, I wouldn’t have been able to meet with my contractual obligations. Their approach is to work as partner, get to know our products, clients needs and create a solution which is fit for purpose. It’s a refreshing approach to business and I look forward to developing the relationship as I now know first hand how much value can be added by the right freight forwarding partner.

Jonathan Hardy - Managing Director At Visimi (right main image)


With oversubscription of many routes, placing freight when the delivery schedule is so tight, is a real challenge. The key to success is having great relationships with the carriers and having a local team who are ‘on the ground’ when you need to make things happen. Spatial Global have worked at developing these partnerships over decades, and when things don’t go as planned, it proves priceless. Of course, it goes without saying, the relationship, transparency and communications between our clients and us is absolutely key. Making sure clients are aware of all the relevant options; the pro’s and cons; and helping them evaluate any risk; ensures they make fully informed decisions.


At Spatial Global, everyone appreciates we are delivering on the clients promise, and the importance this has on their business relationships. Our aim is to help our clients achieve their growth goals through working collaboratively – as one team.

Ian Radcliffe - Freight Management & Planning at Spatial Global (Left main image)

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