Lesley Henderson – Saudi Arabian Standards Organisation (SASO) qualification accreditation

Lesley Henderson has successfully completed a one day training course with SASO – the Saudi Arabian Standards Office on Compliance Procedures.

Spatial Global has extensive experience in managing conformity assessment programs and ensuring your cargo meets the standard set by the authorities for all products exported to Saudi Arabia.

An indication of the documents required for importing goods into Saudi Arabia

  • Authenticated Certificate of Origin translated into Arabic
  • Saudi Arabian Customs Invoice (in triplicate) 
  • An authenticated invoice (in triplicate)
  • A Bill of Lading
  • Insurance documents, original documents accompanied by an Arabic translation
  • SASO Certificate of Conformity, issued by an approved certification body in the UK 

The Saudi Arabian regulatory process is rigorous and Lesley’s in depth knowledge will enable Spatial Global continue to advise and support our customers in this challenging market.

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