Less Expensive than Royal Mail for UK Post & Parcels?

In the UK we’re now sending more parcels than letters thanks to the rise of internet shopping. However, postage can add considerable costs, sometimes proving more expensive than the item you’re trying to send. Whether your business mailing need is an Ecommerce delivery; some form of marketing correspondence; or you publish and distribute a magazine - it’s critical you get the best postage price possible.

Over recent years there has been a rise in the use of alternative services for UK postal deliveries. However one size doesn’t fit all, so navigating the different tariffs from the variety of providers’ available means you need to be an expert in UK postage - plus have the volumes to take advantage of the various deals.

Spatial Global have wholesale reseller agreements with the major couriers and postal providers in the UK, including Royal Mail. Our mail experts understand and can advise you on the most cost effective UK postage solution for your specific business mail fulfilment needs. Wholesale mail agreements means the price paid is discounted because of the volume of mail placed, and Spatial Global add further value by facilitating the sorting where additional discounts are available.This means whatever the weight, size and delivery requirements, Spatial Global have the ability to handle your consignment and distribute within our wholesale agreements.


If you have any business mail fulfilment needs, whether it’s a one off project or on-going managed solution, give our mail team a call to find out just how much you could be saving.

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