Website Refresh – Let us know what you think?

When we carried out a very ‘non-scientific study’ on what it was our clients really liked about the way we worked – there was one consistent answer. The answer was the same whether it was a mail, ecommerce or freight client. What they valued most was our ‘listening skills.’

Why a ‘good listening to’ makes all the difference!

Whatever the business, whatever the project needing a quote, in most cases the client knows what they need to happen – but do not understand all of the possible options. What came back loud and clear from the clients we asked is that they hadn’t thought of the solution proposed by Spatial Global. More to the point, neither had anyone else quoting on the particular project!



What this delivered was a hidden value or cost saving.

Only through asking questions and really listening to what our clients need, can the team at Spatial Global design and price a solution. One of the key characteristics of our approach is the ‘can do’ attitude of our people.

“Once the business need is fully understood, our team gets to work on how can we make this better. Where can we remove waste' How can we increase value' Looking at the wider picture of what happens before, after, and how the service requested impacts on our customers business. Only then we can ensure the customer gets the best price, not simply what’s been asked for. Making us easier to do business with!”

Mike Wallis
Executive Chairman of Spatial Global



The challenge was, just how could we highlight this quality in our people'

When we explained to our marketing company, just what customers were saying about us, and how we made a difference – they came up with a series of video’s to explain the Spatial Global way.



Please take a look and see if you feel this explains how we work with you – if you’re a customer. Or how you want your provider to work with you when providing a freight forwarding, mail or ecommerce fulfilment solution. Just one thing, watch out for the growing ears!



Spatial Global Website Refresh – Let us know what you think'

The website has also had a makeover and hopefully it makes it easier for you to see and understand our range of services. It would be great if you could let us have some feedback.



Take a look around our new website and you’ll see we’re all ears when it comes to listening to your wishes!

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