USA local delivery solution needed

Spatial Global were the obvious partner for one of the largest contract packers in the Midlands because of their large international network of locally based delivery partners.

Largest manual contract packers in the Midlands needed help with USA mail deliveries

Lemonpath are experts in providing packaging solutions, taking briefs from initial design through to sourcing and supply of print & packaging materials - including full project management. However, their core business is contract packing and order fulfilment - and they’re one of the largest and most successful manual contract packers in the Midlands.

Paul Price, Commercial Director of Lemonpath explains why Spatial Global were his ‘go to people’

When a client approached us to provide a sample fulfillment solution, which required the distribution of product within the USA, we recognised to be cost effective we needed a local distribution partner.

I had two clear choices, I could either take the risk of sourcing a partner in the USA remotely and hope I had selected well. Or, I could approach Spatial Global, who I knew had a vast network of overseas delivery partners.

I felt confident Spatial Global would be the best first choice as they have a reputation for the slightly unusual, not just managing standard ‘day-to-day mailings.’ I explained my challenges and concerns to Andy Berry, Spatial Global’s Commercial Manager for Mail. He was able to provide me with a range of possible solutions via their USA partner based in New Jersey.

I’m happy to report the contract was successfully completed and the whole solution was seamless. The shampoo and conditioner samples were distributed throughout the USA using domestic (US) delivery via a tracked postal service. Spatial Global coordinated the shipments between Lemonpath and their US partner, plus managed the fulfilment and dispatch of the samples from their USA partners facility in New Jersey to the mailing lists supplied.

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