Subscription ecommerce chewing gum hits 10 million landmark in sales and uniquely protects teeth!

2017 has been a landmark year for Peppersmith as it’s now sold 10 million packs since its first product launch in 2010.  Spatial Global manage its B2B ecommerce fulfilment and Greg Folgate explains why a strong supplier relationship is key to the brand’s growth.

In 2009 Peppersmith started working with Spatial Global

Peppersmith is an independent company based in London and was founded in 2009 by Mike Stevens and Dan Shrimpton, both former employees of Innocent drinks. Peppersmith is a UK-based company specialising in xylitol based chewing gum, mints and other products. What makes it unique is it’s made with 100% xylitol and contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives or aspartame. Which is why Peppersmith gum is accredited by the British Dental Health Foundation for being actively good for teeth.

A solid supply chain and logistics partner are essential for solid growth

Greg Folgate, Supply Chain & Finance Manager at Peppersmith explains why a strong partnership with suppliers is essential to the brand’s growth.

Any ambitious brand needs to be focused on driving growth rather than getting sidetracked dealing with supply chain issues. Spatial Global are a highly competent supplier and since 2009 have allowed us to focus on the core business, because they efficiently handle the B2B channel route to market.

Whether standard product to independent retail outlets, merchandising to the larger pharmaceutical retail chains or kitting and mailing solutions targeting our specialist dental market sector. I know Spatial Global are a safe pair of hands, give them the brief and they just get on with it.

Greg Folgate, Supply Chain & Finance Manager, Peppersmith

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