Why did Serena Guen choose Spatial Global to distribute her award winning magazine across the globe?

Having founded SUITCASE Magazine in her dorm room at New York University back in 2012, it initially was a multimedia travel magazine SUITCASEmag.com. However SUITCASE is now a multi-award winning magazine which prints four editions a year and is circulated globally across all seven continents.


Why Spatial Global were a good fit for the growth goals of SUITCASE MAGAZINE

The SUITCASE founder Serena Guen, is a publisher, businesswoman and philanthropist based in London. She is the world's youngest media proprietor and named the "Mark Zuckerberg of publishing" by Bloomberg.

“Spatial Global has optimised our distribution and allowed many more readers the opportunity to access SUITCASE.”

Serena Guen, Founder & CEO of SUITCASE Magazine



What’s the SUITCASE success secret'

SUITCASE challenges travel perceptions with thought-provoking photo journals, city guides you can actually trust and articles by award-winning international writers. This innovative perspective means SUITCASE is distributed quarterly to over 30 countries. This highly acclaimed new breed of travel magazine has many publishing industry plaudits ranging from The Financial Times, Forbes, Sky News and Observer, plus many, many more. As a result of its dynamic SUITCASE has won numerous awards including digital magazine 2016 and the AITO Travel Writer of the Year and has proven that the printed magazine format remains in strong demand when the product is right.

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