789 tonnes of Project Cargo to 13 different destinations

Spatial Global have handled 789 tonnes of cargo to 13 different destinations for a global leader in industrial sliding and sliding folding door manufacturer in the past 2 years.

Project Cargo is never without its challenges

The world renowned specialist industrial sliding and folding door manufacturer undertakes bespoke door commissions around the globe. These special projects often incorporate high performance doors where security, blast or acoustic properties are required. By their very nature all shipments are out of gauge cargo, and they choose to work with Spatial Global as their specialist freight forwarder to manage the shipment.

A worldwide client base means project cargo freight forwarding is a standard delivery requirement

More than 50% of this world leading manufacturers’ output is exported - the principal overseas markets being the Middle East, the Far East and Europe. Spatial Global are their partner of choice in providing the project cargo solutions to deliver their oversized product direct to their customers.

Complex multimodal project cargo shipping means overcoming the logistical challenges

Project Cargo is complex, it’s about the shipping and handling of oversized or irregularly shaped cargo. Project Cargo does not fit into the weight restrictions or standard dimensions of container freight, which is why it requires a specialist project cargo freight forwarder to manage the shipment.

The biggest challenges faced with shipping the oversized industrial doors was getting the container equipment available and ready to meet the delivery schedule. Overcoming the limitations on routing and then accurately calculating the lengthy transit time so that the numerous transhipment points could be coordinated with robust scheduling.

The main challenge is that Project Cargo cannot be handled like normal freight shipments, it typically requires specialist moving equipment and transportation. This means complex planning and a very hands-on approach to ensure the Project Cargo is handled responsibly. Which is why when our client first gets the order, we get the call to start the planning.”

Rachel Morley, General Manager Operations, Spatial Global

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