Spatial Global People – Nikki the secret volunteer

The Mail teams sales executive, Nikki Fraser-Jones, secret life as a volunteer was revealed by the BBC in a programme focused upon the British Legion and the Festival of Remembrance. As a volunteer with AgeUK, ex-forces Nikki pays weekly visits to 98 year old Second World War veteran, Tom, every week.

The BBC wanted to feature the work of volunteers and the veterans they support

The film was to encourage more like minded people, forces, ex forces and civilians to volunteer for AgeUK to combat loneliness in our community. The BBC approached AgeUK as they  wanted to do a piece for the British Legion for the Festival of Remembrance, and the team at AgeUK put them in touch with me.

The BBC came to film Nikki at home and then with Tom

“With Tom’s permission, the BBC came to my house to film and interview me and then over to Toms. I was then invited by the BBC to the Festival at the Royal Albert Hall where they showed my film. People at work saw the programme and were interested in my volunteering, and this side of my life.”

Nikki, goes on to explain why volunteering is so important to her

I started volunteering for AgeUK about a year before the TV programme was aired. Nick, the co-ordinator wanted to put me in touch with ex forces as I am ex forces myself. After a long and thorough vetting process, I was finally placed with Tom, a 98 year old Second World War veteran.

Once a week, I visit Tom for a few hours to combat his loneliness. We chat about everything from the war (not that I can remember) to what’s on telly, to the weather and any local gossip…all whilst eating cake and drinking tea.

I find Tom fascinating, and I’m always amazed that he remembers his life in such detail from the times he spent in the war and his life after.

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