AEO status means faster customs clearance after Brexit

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status freight forwarding companies willbe well placed to help import and export businesses to navigate the road

Being AEO accredited means that Spatial Global has had their entire supply chain process, business, financial and IT standards, and all operational activity closely scrutinised by HMRC and have best practices in place. AEO status is an internationally recognised quality mark accrediting our role in the international supply chain. It means that our customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant, and our processes are secure and transparent. Rachel Morley says

“Gaining the AEO accreditation in 2016 was a commitment that Spatial Global made in recognition of the high proportion of non EU customs activities that we currently undertake. Following the Referendum and the potential reinstatement of closed borders with our European neighbours, we recognised the opportunity to reassure our customers of our quality and competency through this standard.”

The adoption of AEO status is very much about keeping trade flowing across our borders post-Brexit, whatever that may look like. With considerations for intervention and sector variances, in effect the AEO status could be a green lane through UK and EU ports and airports.

Spatial Global’s AEO Status means:

  • Access to simplified ‘fast track’ customs procedures
  • Benefits from certain facilitations of customs controls at the entry of the goods into the customs territory of the EU or when your goods leave the customs territory of the EU. A lower risk score which will be incorporated into customs’ risk management systems and be used to determine the frequency of customs physical and documentary checks
  • Shipments selected for examination will receive priority over non AEOs
  • An industry ‘kite mark’
  • Potential for reciprocal arrangements and mutual recognition with countries for example, USA or trading partners that have adopted the WCO Safe framework
  • Demonstration of a high level of competence with the authorities
  • Demonstration of due diligence and awareness of customer activity, products and trading patterns

“The Brexit Strategy Audit with Spatial Global highlighted areas we needed to build in flexibility and contingency. We export all over the world and we needed to be confident we were prepared for every foreseeable scenario.“
Edward Barrington
Slack & Parr

Helping you and your organisation navigate and plan for importing and exporting post Brexit

Brexit is the most important political decision in a generation. Businesses within the UK are going through a period of prolonged uncertainty and there is a lot at stake. It matters to know what the potential impacts are regarding the economy and the business sector and more importantly, what you can do to mitigate and manage the impact and risks to your business.

The Spatial Global Brexit Strategy Audit will help provide you with in-depth and fully up to date information regarding importing and exporting after Brexit. You’ll have clear steps you and your team should be taking to manage the threat and prepare for a post Brexit environment.

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