Delivering urgent medical supplies can have its perks!

Spatial Global emergency onboard courier saves more than people’s holidays.

If you suffer from a serious medical condition your daily life can be restrictive enough. When it comes to taking an overseas holiday the logistics involved to simply do what most people take for granted are often very time consuming and need careful planning. Spatial Globals’ long-standing holiday medications service has one crucial requirement, that the medication is delivered to the destination and its receipt confirmed (as intact and in good condition) before patients are allowed to leave the UK.


So what happens if there is a problem'

Once confirmed as intact and in good condition, that’s typically the end of the matter until the equipment needs returning. However, if the patient has an accident or something else causes damage to packaging and contaminates the treatment - then emergency supplies must be dispatched asap.


A call came in at 3pm Friday from a patient in Lanzarote - a lot needed to happen!

The logistics of trying to book a flight from the UK and get the replacement treatment need to work simultaneously. So availability on all flights departing the UK for Lanzarote was happening at the same time as organising the treatment to be biked from the supplier to Spatial Globals’ head office in the East Midlands. The only flight with capacity was departing Gatwick the next afternoon, now customs documentation needed preparing for the on board couriered goods for both ends of the journey.


A frantic 28 hours later, the treatment was handed to the patient

If you enjoy travelling, and think an on board courier is a glamorous job - think again. Imagine having to drop all your plans and fly out to any place in the world at the drop of a hat! You may get the odd night in a hotel, but you’re just as likely to have to return the same day.

However the biggest perk is seeing someone’s face when you’ve saved their holiday.

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