Celebrating 15 Year Partnership Approach

International Manufacturer of seating and furniture solutions, Boss Design, has worked with Spatial Global to send seating and furniture solutions to every corner of the globe for the past 15 years.


Manufacturing in eight countries across five continents

Boss Design has provided seating and furniture solutions for world leading tech companies, motor manufacturers, hotels and airlines. In fact you’ll find their product in a diverse range of sectors including corporate workspace, hospitality, retail, public and education.


The one consistent is no two jobs are the same

Since 1983 Boss Design have worked hard to build a name now regarded as one of the world’s leading manufacturers in seating and furniture solutions. Every product is meticulously designed and precision manufactured to exacting quality standards without ever compromising the comfort and well-being of the user.


So why is the partnership with Spatial Global so strong'

Virginia Seaward, Operations Manager at Boss Design explains why they need more than a supplier; and how the relationship with Spatial Global has developed with their businesses growth.

Our products are high end, they are typically the last component in a large project which is focused on making a visual statement as well as providing a comfortable space. This means the timing of delivery is critical and the product must arrive in pristine condition.

 The way the team operates at Spatial Global is as an extension of our business. We deal with the same people and their knowledge over the years means they understand our needs and requirements inside out. If there’s ever a challenging destination, they are always creative and innovative - finding a way to get our products to the right place on time. Working with Spatial Global means we can focus on what we’re good at and leave the logistics of how we get products to their destination to Spatial Global.

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