Letter of Credit earns Letter of Thanks and more!

Delighted customer thanks Lesley for her diligence with a surprise delivery of flowers, chocolates and champagne.


Letters of Credit need to be 100% correct or payments are impacted

In March 2017, Lesley began a long Letter of Credit process, liaising with her customer.

Lesley gets involved before the customer is able to confirm a contract. Without Lesley’s knowledge, they could win a contract, but then not complete the process, which could result in goods being held by customs indefinitely.

In July 2017, Lesley raised the Letter of Credit in draft form as requested by her customer. With her experience in this area, Lesley was able to advise on changes to the document to ensure that the Letter of Credit terms worked for all parties.


In March 2018, goods are finally ready for shipment

Due to the terms of the trade, although Spatial Global would not be handling the actual shipment, Lesley still liaised closely with the Shipping Agent handling the shipment in order to obtain the Letter of Credit compliant documents.


And in April 2018, the shipment finally departed the UK and documents submitted to the UK Bank

Celebration all round, when in May 2018 – our customer received their payment.

In appreciation, a very happy customer sent Lesley flowers, champagne and chocolates – which she shared with her colleagues.

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