Riverside Medical Packaging’s growth stimulates a revised approach to import and exports

With year on year growth and expansion of their thermoforming packaging machinery brand, Shawpak, Riverside Medical Packaging are increasing their presence as an international brand. With more complex routes, variations in delivery timescales and demands for ‘value add’ services, they needed a specialist partner to maximise the business growth opportunities.


Spatial Global provide a tailored service backed by specialist import and export knowledge

Spatial Global were introduced to us on recommendation and were able to come in and evaluate where we could make financial savings on our current overseas trade. They quickly identified immediate savings. Further understanding of the possibilities enabled us to develop more flexible solutions to trade with overseas markets. This is primarily because they invested the time to get to know our products, customers needs and how we operate.

Steve Botham, Purchasing & Business Systems Manager at Riverside Packaging Limited goes on to explain;

It’s helped us tremendously, as now we have an extension of our business where we can tap into the specialist expertise on international trade routes. Helping us become more competitive because we can provide tailored solutions, whether importing raw materials from overseas or selling our products to meet the growing demands of an international market.

Riverside Medical Packaging were a perfect fit for Spatial Global

Rachel Morley, General Manager of Spatial Global, explained how the fit and geographic location works for both companies.

Riverside Medical Packaging have great products and we can help them operate their international trade more competitively by finding lower cost routes or solutions. Alternatively, we are experts in getting product into difficult regions, so we also discovered markets which they had avoided because the standard operators were either cost prohibitive or simply not interested.

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