British Tinnitus Association celebrates 100 Support Groups Landmark

To celebrate this milestone, they sent commemorative mugs to their key supporters to link in with a campaign called ‘Tea for Tinnitus’.


The challenges of packing and mailing promotional ceramic mugs

The mugs looked great, everyone agreed they were the perfect practical promotional gift to send to the key supporters to celebrate the 100 groups milestone - the only challenge was ‘How do we get them to the intended recipient without them getting damaged'’ Having used Spatial Global for previous mailings they called and asked for advice. Lucky for BTA, Julie Birch, Spatial Global’s Mail Sales Executive is somewhat of an expert on this specific area, having spent many years in dealing with promotional merchandise.


Cost savings on postage of the 396 ceramic mugs was optimised for economy

Spatial Global was able to help BTA minimise their postage costs as the corporate members mugs were individually mailed out. The support group’s mugs were mailed out using bulk deliveries. The packaging solution implemented was a complete success and the mission was accomplished. What’s more, they arrived in time for the ‘Tea for Tinnitus’ campaign.


If you have a mailing challenge, why not give us a call'

As experts in bulk mailing for business, publications and packages for both the domestic UK market and overseas mailings, Spatial Global have experts who can advise you on the most cost effective route to get what you want to send, to the audience you want to receive it. Call +44(0)1332 289228 to find out how we can help you or get in touch using the website enquiry form.

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