£10,000 charity donation to Gift Wellness Foundation

What started as an enquiry for e-commerce fulfilment ended up in a significant charitable donation to a worthy cause operating on a global scale.

Keswick Enterprises Holdings Charitable Trust, which is run by John Harvey CBE, made the £10,000 donation to Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed, the founder and CEO of Gift Wellness Ltd. John was made aware of Dr Zareen’s charity work donating sanitary pads to women in crisis across the world after she approached Spatial Global for help with fulfilment of the Gift Wellness product range. John Harvey CBE is also Executive Chairman of The Keswick Enterprises Group, the owners of Spatial Global.

The background to this wonderful cause is heart-rending, yet the positive message it projects to those who are less fortunate is extremely powerful. Once I understood this, I felt compelled to put  Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed and her charity, The Halimah Trust, before our board as a worthy recipient of our support.

Mike Wallis LLB, FCILT

Executive Chairman of Spatial Global and a Main Board Director of parent company The Keswick Enterprises Group


Gift Wellness was established to help women in crisis

Gift Wellness was founded in 2012 by Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed, in memory of her daughter Halimah Ahmed who was murdered in November 2007. One objective of Gift Wellness was to provide sanitary pads to women in crisis situations, such as homeless women and women in refugee camps. However Dr Ahmed, who designed this new and innovative range of natural sanitary pads & pantyliners, also wanted to address the poor quality of sanitary protection products that filled our supermarket isles. Providing an alternative to products made with toxic materials and artificial fragrances that caused a wide range of feminine problems was part of Dr Ahmed’s vision for an ethical business.


Eliminating Period Poverty

One of The Gift Wellness Foundation’s objectives is to address the lack of sanitary products available to girls in UK schools. A report by Plan International in 2017[1] described the extent to which girls in UK schools suffered from what has become known as ‘Period Poverty’, a term that describes their inability to access to sanitary pads. The report listed some key concerns and statistics on the issue including the fact that at least one in ten girls (10%) have been unable to afford sanitary wear; and had to improvise sanitary wear. Nearly half of girls (48%) aged 14-21 in the UK are embarrassed by their periods; and 49% of girls have missed an entire day of school because of their period, of which 59% have made up a lie or an alternate excuse.

Through The Gift Wellness Foundation, we aim to eliminate ‘Period Poverty in UK schools within a year. The kind and generous donation of £10,000 from Keswick Enterprises Holdings Charitable Trust will kick-start the campaign in Derby by providing sanitary pads to all the local secondary schools.

Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed, PhD

Founder & CEO of Gift Wellness Ltd and Chair of The Gift Wellness Foundation

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