Transporting Luxury Handcrafted Interiors to Venice Lido

When Leicester company EE Smith Contracts won a prestigious contract for the Hotel Excelsior, one of the most prestigious and historic hotels on the stunning Venice Lido, the gauntlet of organising the logistics was thrown at Spatial Global.


‘No job is too complex’

‘No job is too complex’ is the mantra of EE Smith Contracts - a company founded in 1897 which operates in a variety of sectors, from prestige hotels to commercial interiors and luxury residences. So when presented with the rare opportunity to refit an infamous outside bar at one of the most prestigious and historic hotels on the stunning Venice Lido - the challenge was on. Opened in 1908, Hotel Excelsior Venice boasts a distinctive Moorish architecture, decorated with crystal chandeliers and rich fabrics - this provided a excellent showcase but incorporated serious logistical challenges.


Made in Leicester experienced in Venice Lido

With designs approved, the manufacturing of the refurbished interior contract was to be managed in the unparalleled Leicester workshop. Because, together with the design vision, it was EE Smith Contracts, unsurpassed standards of craftsmanship which won them the business. However, with three articulated trailer loads of highly valuable ‘finished interior’ ready for installation, transportation to the 7-mile long sandbar in Venice, northern Italy - known as Venice Lido – could present the greatest test.


Reaching the island was the greatest challenge

With three dedicated articulated units transporting the precious hand crafted cargo to Venice, it was always going to be the last stage of the journey which would prove to be the most difficult. Venice Lido straddles the Venetian Lagoon and the Adriatic, and the typical ferries operating in the Venetian Lagoon are too small for the road haulage used to cross Europe. However, Spatial Global arranged the whole journey from Leicester to the Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido, with the loads intact - reducing the possibility of damage through the process of decanting the load to smaller vehicles. The cargo was delivered on time and the refit went smoothly, with guests soon able to enjoy the new facilities at this unique venue.

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