Hunger for home learning stimulates overseas curriculum support project

Spatial Global has won a contract delivering a range of exciting home study projects every month to the door of customers in the UK and USA.


An inspiring subscription – and a challenging freight, bonded storage and mail combination

The home study project components arrive by road transport from multiple countries and are consolidated at Spatial Global’s Castle Donington warehouse facility. With anything up to 16,000 kits covered by multiple SKU codes, validation of the exact number of kits is essential. This is because they all need to be cleared into Spatial Global’s bonded warehouse via a T1 document, as this suspends VAT & Duty payment. The benefit of the bonded facility is that it allows the client to import a bulk quantity which can then be cleared separately into free circulation. Only when the home study project kits are distributed does the VAT become payable.


Fast turnaround and 100% accuracy with strict compliance and visibility for HMRC

The fulfilment process was negotiated with HMRC to ensure the correct basket of evidence was available for audit purposes throughout the whole supply chain, thus ensuring strict compliance and visibility for the Treasury. All shipments are processed and dispatched within 48 hours from the customer data being received. Each kit is labelled by ordered SKU and the kits are individually addressed for each subscriber. As soon as the cargo is cleared out of Bond, the Duty & Tax is paid on the dispatched goods to HMRC for all UK delivery addresses. USA shipments are dispatched with US Duty & Tax payable on arrival. All kits delivered by postal services on non-signature services.


The advantages of choosing Spatial Global'

The transit via the UK allows the customer to have a shorter lead time to their customers in the UK and USA. Multiple disciplines under one roof reduce the turnaround time and minimise the risk of errors. This is because Spatial Global offers:

• Bonded storage

• Data management

• Labelling service

• UK mailing

• International mailing

All under one roof!


Innovative educational subscription service

Subscribers to this innovative educational subscription service receive amazing home study projects every month delivered by mail. The kits are packaged and delivered via Spatial Global’s network to families across the UK and USA. They come with expanded explanations available through a smartphone app and website links and are designed to add a greater depth to the study experience.


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