Superfruit cordial brand thanks Spatial Global for helping them grow

Charlotte Harrison, Operations Executive of Fiovana Drinks, explains how a recommendation introduced Spatial Global as a prospective logistics provider, and the subsequent relationship has contributed to the growth of their business.


We quit our jobs at Innocent Drinks and created Fiovana

The concept is simple, Fiovana use better-for-you ingredients that are naturally high in vitamins and minerals. This makes water taste great without adding sugar or any artificial ingredients. With experience at Innocent the Fiovana team knew the components of success were more than just a great product and brand, they needed an efficient logistics partner to ensure their products reached customers quickly and in the best condition.


Spatial Global were recommended to us by another brand with a positive experience - Peppersmith

Mike and Dan at Peppersmith had also left Innocent to start their mint and gum brand, which uses a plant based sweetener called xylitol instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners. As they had now become an established brand, we asked who they used for distribution.


Spatial Global have attended to all of our needs

When we first started our journey with them, we were much smaller, today we're stocking in the likes of Ocado and other leading retailers. Being able to rely on such an efficient team, one that’s been so attentive to our needs and who are able to facilitate all of our requests, has been crucial to our growth when dealing with big retailers, wholesalers and brands.


‘Above and beyond’

Working with the Spatial Global team is a pleasure. They have gone above and beyond for us, are very responsive, understanding, thorough, and accommodating. They have also taken great interest in us as a company, and that really means a lot. Many thanks to everyone at Spatial Global.

Charlotte Harrison, Operations Executive, Fiovana Drinks


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