Back order magazine fulfilment reveals hidden benefits

When a leading textile magazine, Selvedge, decided to relocate from a London retail outlet, one challenge was how they would manage their back issue order process which had grown and was occupying both time and space. Selvedge chose to work with Spatial Global, who have handled their main subscriber mailing for many years, to also outsource their back issue management.


Outsourcing the back issue service released valuable time and space

With six publications a year since 2004, a global audience and constant demand for fresh articles and features, we came to realise just how much time and space was consumed by managing our back issues. When relocating we were confronted by the challenge of working a smarter way – and this is where Spatial Global was able to provide us with the perfect solution. Spatial cost-effectively manages the storage and fulfilment of our back issues, allowing the team at Selvedge to focus on what’s important.

Polly Leonard, Founder of Selvedge Magazine


Selvedge: a magazine with global appeal

As an independent publication, Selvedge has complete freedom to support and work with the makers and designers it chooses. This is a crucial element in the success of their bi-monthly magazine, events and shop. Exploring and understanding the history, future, politics and aesthetics of textiles with its own distinct voice, Selvedge is a must-read title for anyone serious about textiles.


An online presence introduces Selvedge to new audiences

Since its launch, Selvedge has become much more than a magazine. As well as a valuable source of inspiration for designers and devotees alike, the Selvedge brand has developed into a strong community of textile lovers. With every page it is as carefully considered and beautiful as the textile stories within it. The magazine is timeless and once introduced, new subscribers often want to explore and purchase back issues.

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