Printed in Croatia and mailed across the globe from the UK

A new magazine named ‘A Profound Waste of Time’ has been received with an amazing response after launching earlier this year. The title celebrates computer games as an art form and achieved a total pledge value of £39,000 against a £20,000 crowdfunding target.


A Gaming Magazine launched via a Kickstarter Campaign

A Profound Waste of Time is a new video game culture magazine inspired by high-end culture magazines such as Little White Lies and Elephant. Each issue combines seasoned journalists and veteran game creators sidling up with the best emerging writers and innovative indie developers, musing on game design, theory and appreciation. A Profound Waste of Time aims to become a collectable publication and a bold new mouthpiece for video game culture - and its first publication has just been reprinted after the first print run completely sold out.


Innovative printing combined with cost effective mailing

A signed special edition features an alternate, glow-in-the-dark Shovel Knight cover by renowned illustrator Dan Mumford. Thanks to a layer of special UV sensitive ink, in low light the stars and moon will glow brightly. This very special edition was also signed by the artist. The magazine is bulk shipped to Castle Donington, then the magazine is distributed to the Kickstarter people taking up the various pledge options.


As a collectable, it’s critical it reaches the reader in pristine condition

With any publication handled by our mailing team, our aim is to ensure the magazine reaches the reader in perfect condition. The challenge is amplified with a magazine of this quality and collectability. We’re really pleased how everything has gone with the first publication and, I’m happy to say, so is our client.

Andy Berry, Commercial Manager Mail, Spatial Global

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