Spatial Global’s Rachel Morley appearing on Question Time at Love Business EXPO 2019

The panel event aims to connect the regions leading businesses with experts in commerce and international trade. Delegates will discover what’s going on in the region, home of the largest pure freight airport and the huge infrastructure investment of the East Midlands Gateway - set to make the region the UK’s leader when it comes to importing and exporting.


Discussing Brexit: The impact on small businesses.

Whatever your political persuasion, wherever you placed your cross on the ballot paper on the 23 June 2016, events are now unfolding that will change the economic landscape of the UK for generations to come. With a panel of trusted experts helping to answer the many questions business owners have.


Working with the East Midlands Chamber on a Brexit Support Programme

Small businesses have less scope to spend on contingency plans to prepare for Brexit and as a result have taken fewer, if any, measures. Yet these businesses, with fewer than 50 employees, account for 99.3 per cent of UK firms, almost 60 per cent of private-sector employment and almost 40 per cent of turnover.

While the FTSE100 firms may get the headlines, it is small businesses who are the backbone of the British economy, and who may hold the key to whether or not Brexit is a success.


Working with Love Business to highlight the opportunities

The main theme of the panel event is to highlight the opportunities, because the mainstream media only appear to be interested in a Doomsday version of what will happen. As a business based within the East Midlands region, there are lots of positives - whatever happens with Brexit. The debate will highlight what’s going on in the region and how businesses can capitalise on these opportunities.


Worried about what you can do to minimise any potential impacts of a hard Brexit process'

With so much uncertainty as to how the trading relationship with the EU post-Brexit will operate. One thing is clear, Customs Clearance regulations are set to change. We have been consulting with HMRC Customs on a monthly basis to ensure our clients obtain a smooth transition with no delay to their supply chain.

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Our advisers have 'seen it all' when it comes to international trade and are fully equipped to help you with any aspect of your shipments.

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