Organising an Exhibition Overseas?

Organising an overseas conference or taking part in an overseas exhibition are significantly more complicated than in the UK. Here is a checklist of what you may need to consider.


Navigating people, equipment and delegate bags through customs

Many procedures and practices at overseas trade shows are different from UK domestic events, but with most events held overseas it typically comes down to getting the right paperwork in place. Try and ‘wing it’ and you could be facing disasterous consequences and delays at a later critical stage.


Choosing the best transport routes

Lead times for overseas transport can be fairly long, taking into account time to clear goods through customs at the destination country and delivery to the event location. Transport by sea to long-haul destinations can take 4-6 weeks up to arrival at the show. Airfreight is quicker but more expensive.


Spatial Global provide a range of services for companies exhibiting overseas to event organiser packages

As a specialist freight forwarder, we will transport all your exhibition or conference goods from pick-up to event venue and even the stand at the show - taking care of all formalities along the way. Any price quoted will include all of the costs for delivery and use of specialist handling equipment where necessary. We’ll also take into account the deadlines for delivery of the goods and factor this into our price and transit times. As a specialist forwarder, Spatial Global can also advise on the best way to clear goods through Customs, and the return leg should the goods need to be repatriated afterwards.


Have an ‘expo package deal’ or cherry pick what you need

  • International Mailing
  • Pick & Pack ‘Goodie bag’ fulfilment
  • Customs documentation
  • Specialist freight route planning & fulfilment
  • Insurance for goods in transit


Whether you have a complex list of requirements or relatively simple cargo to ship - give us a call!

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