Design4Retail source product globally to provide innovative solutions for leading retail brands

As one of the UK’s leading retail design agencies, Design4Retail understand the competitive environment of the high street and how to win and keep buyers’ attention.


Speed means we can’t afford hold-ups with customs

Whether it’s shipping Premium Retail fixtures, Point of Sale displays or visual merchandising accessories, it’s typically a project specific requirement which is deadline dependent. This means every consignment needs a unique ‘one time’ manifest and the correct customs documentation. Whatever route to the UK, and wherever it comes from, all paperwork must be 100% correct first time. Retail space is expensive, so the time to refit or refresh a retail outlet must be kept to a minimum - there just isn’t the time for any hold ups. This is why, when it comes to managing importing goods and documentation, Design4Retail work with Spatial Global.


Understanding the importance of every shipment large and small

The freight team at Spatial Global are experts in providing robust solutions to import goods from anywhere in the world. They are regarded as an extension of our business, and Design4Retail have learnt to trust their solutions. We rely on their knowledge to plan and manage our overseas sourced materials. They provide us with a responsive professional service which takes the hassle out of navigating the customs and documentary landscape, so we can focus on our core proposition – designing and making great retail environments.

Jon Vinall, Director, Design4Retail

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