BREXIT – A Practical Sanity Check!

Customs & Excise expert, Keith Robe, provided an insight into the practical steps businesses trading internationally needed to take to prepare for BREXIT.


A lively discussion with practical Customs & Excise advice

The event hosted by Spatial Global on March 7th at the Novotel, J25, had representatives from 70 companies attend, all of whom traded globally. All delegates were interested in hearing from an independent expert on what are the worst, the best and most likely outcomes for the different Brexit scenarios.


Why businesses shouldn’t worry but should prepare

The general feeling, once briefed, was one of confidence. There are solutions available to ensure businesses are able to quickly adapt to the new customs landscape - whatever it may look like. There are a variety of options available for importers and exporters, but it’s all about taking action now to get registered with the most appropriate schemes.


And by prepare, this means seeking professional advice

The Government advice was scrutinised by the audience and Keith pointed out at best it was confusing, but at worse could leave businesses thinking they were ready but heading for a fall.

The best thing businesses who trade overseas can do is find themselves an expert international trade partner, a company like Spatial Global, so their business and trade routes are prepared and protected against the variety of possible Brexit outcomes.


Keith Robe, Managing Director of Cusdec Customs Solutions


How is Keith a recognised expert in customs law and facilitations'

Keith worked for HMRC and previously HM Customs & Excise for 32 years in various roles, latterly in Customs law and facilitations. Keith trained HMRC staff and educated external stakeholders with the introduction of the AEO programme in 2006 in preparation for its launch in 2008, he’s also an AEO Security & Safety assessor holding a level 3 BTEC advanced award in Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain.


Keith’s worked in both camps as representative of HMRC and EU Customs

On the International front, as representative of both HMRC and EU Customs, Keith has worked on Customs modernisation projects in the Middle East, and with Customs & Border Protection in the US negotiating AEO/CTPAT Mutual Recognition for which he received the World Customs Organisation Certificate of Merit in 2011.  He has facilitated the introduction of AEO in Brazil working with Brazilian Customs in Brasilia, designing and delivering AEO workshops and seminars to assist in setting up their AEO programme.


Would you like a second opinion on your Brexit plan'

The good news is it’s free! Spatial Global provide a Free Audit which currently includes a review of your Brexit Strategy. All you need to do is call 01332 289205 or complete the `Free Import & Export Audit’ request form.

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