Electronic Customs Data on Mail

As of 1st January 2019, any item of mail containing goods must carry an S10 barcode if sent outside the EU. This is a precursor to stricter requirements, due to take effect in 2020, where electronic customs data will also be needed.

Electronic Customs Data is required to make sure that emerging and future legislative, security and customs requirements in the receiving countries are met. At present a barcode is only required for items to non-EU countries, but with the UK’s imminent departure from the EU this will soon be extended to EU items as well.


Why is electronic customs data needed on mail'

Due to the huge increases in the volume of goods being dispatched through the postal services, customs authorities need improvements to track what goods are going where. Electronic customs data will make sure existing, emerging and future legislative, security and customs requirements in overseas destinations are met.


What electronic customs data needs to be provided'

The requirement to provide customs data on items you're sending outside the EU is nothing new. Typically this was by attaching a physical CN22 or CN23 customs declaration form to the mailing. Provision of the Trade Tariff Code for commercial items helps in the Customs clearance process because it lets the destination authorities know what is in the package. What’s new is that you will soon need to provide the customs data electronically. Providing this electronically enables, fast and accurate Customs charging and simplified Customs clearance.


How is electronic customs data provided'

On all post being sent outside of the EU, an electronic pre-advice note containing all the detail required on a CN22/23 including a HS code must be submitted. This then generates a label with the CN22/23 along with an S10 barcode, to be applied to the package.


Will items now take longer to leave the UK'

Dispatch times should be the same or quicker as postal authorities are able to scan barcoded items with more speed. Recipient countries that use electronic customs data for processing may also be able to clear items more quickly.


What will happen to post without electronic Customs data'

Some countries will soon begin applying penalties ordelays in the absence of the required barcode. In future it is possible that non-compliant mail might even be returned. The Mail team at Spatial Global wants to help you avoid this and will provide assistance to ensure your packets are fully compliant


What do I need to do to comply with the new regulations'

The use of S10 barcodes is already being encouraged by the postal authorities, with particular emphasis on items to USA, Brazil, China and Russia. These countries are implementing the regulations more swiftly than most but others will follow. We are contacting customers whose mail is affected and will work with them to meet the requirements for S10 barcoding and, in time for the next deadline in 2020, for the provision of electronic customs data.

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