Plan B International Documentation Support for Free?

When something sounds too good to be true, it often is - but Kingsmill Industries took up the Spatial Global Free Audit and ‘Plan B for Free’ offer, and it proved to be priceless.


Kingsmill thought they had everything covered

Kingsmill are a leading manufacturer and distributor of earthing materials and lightning protection products, servicing both the UK and international markets. They have provided solutions for landmark architecture all over the world. They work with leading architects to design bespoke solutions for historic and cutting edge architecture. Which means no two shipments are the same.


A highly experienced in-house team managed their export documentation

As a well established exporter, Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd, have a highly experienced in-house team and wealth of export knowledge. However, because no two solutions are the same, their export processes are reliant upon individuals navigating the plethora of documentation. It is their responsibility to ensure the ‘letter of credit’ information is 100% compliant. If there is one thing wrong, from a mathematical error to a spelling mistake - the payment may be delayed at best or order cancelled at worst.


A key team member was unexpectedly taken ill

When their ‘go-to-person’ went off sick at short notice, within 24 hours of a Letter of Credit presentation - which had been challenged on some issues of conformity - their clients deadline was in jeopardy, not to mention the prospect of not getting paid. Luckily, they had been recommended to review Spatial Global’s Free Audit and ‘Plan B for Free’ offer, as part of their contingency planning. Having recently undertaken the free audit, Spatial Global were a phone call away when things derailed. Spatial Global were able to respond quickly because all due diligence had been taken care of at the free audit. The ‘emergency procedure’ was implemented and the compliance issues were resolved without disruption to the clients’ schedule.

Our in-house team are magnificent, but when we had an issue combined with the perfect storm of holidays and illness, Spatial Global were there to help us deal with the unknowns. I’d advise any business who exports and manages the process in-house to take up their Free Audit and ‘Plan B for Free’ offer. It’s like having a free insurance policy, without it, who knows what the consequences would have been financially or reputationally – but when we needed expert help fast, it was priceless.

Paula Hughes, Company Accountant, Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd


Spatial Global Free Audit and ‘Plan B for Free’ offer

Spatial Global offer Global Freight Navigator which is designed to take the hassle and risk out of import and export documentation. Global Freight Navigator is simply tailored solutions for businesses trading internationally. The objective is to save you time and money on your imports and exports whatever the complexity, whether you have full load sea freight container or a small air freight shipment.

The first step is to understand what you do, where you operate and identifying where you can make savings – and it’s free. Once we have this understanding – and you have our details, Spatial Global become your Plan B.  No cost until we act on your behalf – so no drama if your ‘go-to-person’ isn’t available.


Fully managed import and export documentation – tailored to your needs

So whether you’re worried about the duty, potential complexity and costs to ship your goods POST-BREXIT. Or just want to have a ‘Plan B’ in case your ‘go-to-person’ was unexpectedly unavailable. It won’t cost you a penny - just 45 minutes of your time.

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