Janet celebrates 30 years with a new accreditation

When Janet Smith first started at Spatial Global, the company was less than 10 years old and a fraction of its current size. Freight and mail services were very different and the impact of the internet on all aspects of distribution and commerce was still over a decade away.

In the 30 years that followed, Janet’s enthusiasm for the roles she was presented with have seen her progress within the company and build a long career with Spatial Global. Her current role ensures she is kept busy with the challenges of managing the operations and scheduling for Spatial Global Mail.

Managing operations for the Mail division is about maintaining a level of flexibility. Printers and publishers face challenges, whether down to editorial delays or production challenges, so publications sometimes arrive late. Wherever possible, we need to get them out to their subscribers to the schedule agreed. This is why Mail operations today is about ‘agile working’ to manage the peaks and troughs of work as it comes in. It’s about understanding what equipment and people we need to use give our customers the best solutions for their mailings.

Janet goes on to say…

My 30 years here have just flown by. I put this down to the way Spatial Global allows every individual to continue to grow. It’s a great company to work for and everyone has the opportunity to increase knowledge, qualifications and responsibility if they choose.


Janet has just qualified as a DfT Security Manager

Janet’s 30-year work anniversary coincides with her recent accreditation as a Department for Transport Security Manager. This is a key role at Spatial Global because when the Department for Transport or Civil Aviation Authority audit our facilities, they will only be hosted by an accredited member of staff. Only a qualified Security Manager can assist them with an audit or investigation and can answer questions regarding site security and procedures. Spatial Global needs more than one DfT Security Manager to ensure there is always a qualified person available on site during working hours, and Janet’s accreditation bolsters our strength in this area.

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