Spatial Global launches new Carrier Management Platform

A new Carrier Management Platform gives customers seamless distribution integrated with their order management software. It means customers can have direct access to raise their own orders, generate labels and receive tracking numbers instantly.

Spatial Global’s new solution has been tested on tracked and untracked postal services for international ecommerce orders for a UK-based ecommerce retailer. The process involved the software integration of their order management system to enable the two-way flow of customer address data and consignment tracking information. The labels are generated automatically, which means the customer’s parcels are collected at source and distributed directly without any additional processing.


7 Benefits of Spatial Global’s Carrier Management Platform

  • Seamless integration with customers’ order management systems
  • Multiple services available under a single login
  • Sub-accounts for customers
  • Instant generation of labels and tracking numbers
  • Centralised consignment tracking and delivery monitoring
  • Simple manifesting and report generation
  • Streamlined operational and administrative processes


Expanding the options available to customers

The successful pilot of the new carrier management platform for our Mail and Ecommerce departments will significantly streamline and simplify the order entry across multiple services. More importantly, it means that Spatial Global can give customers direct access to raise their own orders, generate labels and receive tracking numbers instantly - at the same time as expanding the options available. It’s a great development for our customers and we look forward to rolling it out over the next few months.

Andy Berry, Commercial Manager, Mail

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